Feature Points Hack Generator Fast and Free Unlimited Points

Feature Points is quite an interesting app discovery system that gets noticed by the multitude of offers and the great rewards. Even more, the interface is simple, intuitive and quite friendly which earns new users every day. The promised rewards come as FeaturePoints free gift cards for prestigious stores (iTunes, Play Store, Amazon, Steam, Xbox and more). You can also cash in your efforts using PayPal which is easy and quite convenient.

However, earning points is not an extra easy deal. Even more, the app is mostly based on working with referrals and having an entire team working for you so, if you’re not popular online, this may seem more like a job than a fun day of scrolling. But, there’s always a solution to your problems and, in this case, the solution is our Feature Points Hack Generator.

Why use a hack instead of investing your time and dedication? Because then it won’t seem like a game anymore! So, if you want to earn a ton of points as quickly as possible, our hack solution is your best choice. Why choose us? Well, we can promise a clean process, without any consequences on your account.

Feature Points Hack Generator

Feature Points Hack

How to use our Feature Points Hack Generator

The most important thing you need to remember is that this tool performs a clean hack. This means your account won’t suffer any consequences (as it may happen with other generator models) and you won’t be spammed or worse, infected with malware. Our main concern is to make sure you are happy with the results.

Another important aspect of our Feature Points Hack Generator is the clean interface. You can make it work with just a few clicks and the instructions are quite clear. Still, it’s always best to have a step-by-step tutorial of our hack tool so take a look at the information below.

Step #1

Access our Feature Points Hack Generator and get familiarized with the interface. As you can imagine, this step is extremely simple and doesn’t require any further introduction.

Step #2

Enter the required data as follows:

  • Referral Code or Email – as we already mentioned above, Feature Points is pretty big on referrals. So, if you have a code from a friend (also known as a Feature Points code), enter that code (you also get extra points in the app for helping a friend). If not, enter the email address you used to register in the app.
  • Platform – Our hack tool needs to know which platform you’re using (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or PC) in order to apply the correct algorithm.
  • Region – Another important aspect for our Feature Points hack tool is to know where your will be applying this algorithm. The region is important so make sure to select the correct one for each time you use the generator.
  • Points – and we finally get to the aspect that interests you the most – the number of points you want. You can choose between 25,000 and 900,000 but you don’t need to stop here! If you want more points, our hack tool can replenish your account again and again for as many times as you need. After all, this generator offers you unlimited points!

Now, before you click the Start button, if you want an extra layer of protection, our hack tool allows you to select the Invisibility option. Turn it on for a safer processing.

Once you get to this point, you are now ready to put our Feature Points Generator in action! Press (or tap) START and you are ready to go. The hack is processed quickly and without a trace (due to our extra security measures) and your account will be credited with the number of points you selected. All you have to do now is decide which FeaturePoints free gift cards you want to redeem!

Why should you choose our Feature Points Generator?

First, you should know that the world is filled with various free Feature Points Generators, but you never know how safe they are. Some may be in for your personal information and some may be in for your device, infecting it with malware, viruses, or other ill-intended software.

So, what makes our Feature Points Hack so special? Well, we have a few aces up our sleeve that helps us maintain a clean interface that won’t damage your device or Feature Points account. Here are the ones that matter the most:

  • Regular updates – our software and servers are regularly maintained and we do updates on a weekly basis to keep up with new threats and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Fast algorithm – we use PHP to program the core of our database structure which allows for a fast-working process. It only takes a few minutes to process one hack.
  • Can’t be detected – we use our own private proxies and servers to keep everything under the radar. Thus, nothing happens on your device or on the Feature Points platform.
  • Everything is online – as already mentioned above, the entire process happens on our servers. Nothing goes through your device and you don’t have to install anything for the hack to work.

Now that you know everything there is to know about our Feature Points hack, we invite you to give us a test. Keep in mind: it doesn’t cost anything and you can use it on your friends’ accounts too!

Feature Points Tips and Tricks

Besides the Feature Points Generator we just discussed, there are other tricks to try to increase your income. However, we need to say, no trick will be able to provide that many points in such a short period of time. Still, for those of you who want to try something else, here are some of the 3 most popular ways to get more points with every move.

#1: Referrals, referrals, referrals

The app encourages you and your friends to join hands and bring in as many people as possible. You will get a Feature Points code that you can use to gather an entire team of users. You will earn 50% of the points they earn without even lifting a finger so it’s a pretty neat way of increasing your number of points.

To make sure you understand the importance of referrals, here is a small example: Let’s say you have 5 referrals, each earning 1000 points a month. In this case, you will earn 500 points a month from each of them which means 2500 points per month without even opening the app. Also, keep in mind that if you sign up using a referral code, you will be granted 50 points. Since every point matters, you should make sure to collect these as well.

The Feature Points Code you get for your own team is not difficult to share via social media channels. Thus, you can share it via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, or even in your blog or forums you like to visit.

If the referral program is not enough (or is not working for you), there is another program that may be of help – the Feature Points Reseller Program. This one involves promoting the app on a wide range of sites (personal blogs, business pages, professional blogs, and so on). So, if you like blogging or you know lots of bloggers, you can choose this side of the referral program.

#2: Follow the instructions properly

Each app comes with a set of instructions and, as the instructions are more diverse, the number of points earned will increase. So, if you find apps that offer more than the average, it’s best to make sure you follow the instructions. If the instructions say to use the app for 1 minute and then complete a tutorial, this is exactly what you do.

This is important to know and understand since you won’t be awarded the points if you download the app a second time. Of course, once the points have been awarded, you are free to uninstall the apps you don’t want. However, Free Points does come with an interesting offer and you might discover many new apps and games that you actually want.

#3: Be active

While having referrals is an interesting way of earning lots of points, it’s also important to be active and earn some points yourself. Also, you must be aware of the fact that points expire! If you don’t download and test at least one app in 60 days, your unspent points will expire.

Also, a final word to the wise, there are no backsies. Once you confirmed you want to use your points for a certain gift card (or PayPal) you can’t take it back. There is no undo in this department!

A few more Information on Feature Points

The Feature Points app is quite popular among internet users but this is to be expected since it comes with the promise of real-life rewards. Right now, the app reached over 5 million downloads in Play Store and the trust level from users is quite high. This happens because developers maintain a clean interface and don’t allow spammy apps to register. Even more, they won’t spam your device with notifications and other annoying features.

Another aspect we loved about this app is the list of offers. The available apps to try are interesting, easy to understand, and the list is quite rich. Of course, this depends on the area you are located – some apps are designed to be displayed only in certain regions.

And finally, the aspect that attracts people the most, the rewards! Unlike other apps discovery networks, Feature Points keeps things interesting with gift cards for Amazon, Steam, Xbox, iTunes, Starbucks, PlayStation, Google Play, and other highly popular apps. Even more, if you want to get cash, you can use PayPal which can also be used to pay for cool things.

Now, that you know the possibilities, a Feature Points Hack sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? It may be a cheat, but it’s a great way to easily earning a lot of cool things. Such a Feature Points Generator can make you really popular among friends since it doesn’t have a limit of uses nor does it require any payment.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we can only be amazed by the level of advancement found in mobile apps and we only want to offer our Feature Points Hack 2017 tool as a way to help users everywhere enjoy their online lives. After all it’s quite fun to browse all day long and keep up to date with the latest in mobile gaming and apps. The Feature Points Hack is a clean tool, that won’t create any troubles whatsoever. It is easy to use, user-friendly, and doesn’t cost a dime. If you ask us, this is quite a bargain!