Feature Points Tips: How to Increase Your Feature Points Earnings Rather Quickly

Are you looking for new ways to earn more with Feature Points? If yes, you’re on the right page! We know the app is interesting and the offer is rather rich, but there comes a time when you need a bit more; especially if we consider the conversion rate (6000 points for $10).

So, if you want to make sure your earnings will stay substantial, it’s best to know a few tips and tricks. Still, before we start with the top 3 tips every user should know, let’s take a look at how the app works. The process is quite simple once the app is installed so we’ll only focus on the list of offers. These are usually refreshed daily or weekly, according to other apps’ availability and you can see the amount of points you can earn by following the instructions before you decide which app to try. Some apps even offer bonus points for a bit of extra activity.

The goal here is to have as many users as possible test new apps by offering rewards for their effort. Now, users will enjoy both the rewards and the apps themselves – they are free and some are quite interesting. Unlike other app discovery networks, Feature Points doesn’t feature videos or surveys (yet) and their main offer resumes at games and apps.

In summary, you are paid to play games or test interesting mobile apps. However, you should know that the rewards can only be obtained as gift certificates or as PayPal cashout.

Tips Everyone Should Know When Using Feature Points

As you probably already know, gift certificates are for big stores like Starbucks, Steam, Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, and PlayStation. If this sounds interesting enough, take a look at our most recommended tips to make Feature Points the perfect app for some side money.

The points generator

The best way to really boost your earnings is to use a points generator. However, finding one that won’t endanger your account or your devices may prove a rather difficult task. Even more, some such apps are out to get your personal data or worse, make you pay.

To save you the effort of browsing through the tons of so-called hacks out there, we recommend our Feature Points Hack Generator. It is a clean tool that only runs online and we use our own proxy servers to avoid detection. The code is clean PHP and this guarantees a fast-running algorithm which we make sure to keep up to date. The interface is light, easy to understand, and it doesn’t require more than 1 minute to fill in the required data (as long as you use correct data).

Our tool is free to use regardless of how many points you need and will always be here for you and your friends (you can use it on as many accounts as you want).

The referrals

If you want to skip the points generator or you simply want to test the app without extra help, there’s always the way of the referrals. Actually, Feature Points is mostly based on working with referrals.

The process is quite simple – you just need to share your referral code via social media (or send it directly to friends) and ask them to join your team. For every 100 points a referral makes, you’ll get 50 without lifting a finger.  As you can see, as your team grows so will your monthly earnings.

Even more, referrals are encouraged to use a Feature Points code when signing up. This is done by offering 50 points to anyone using a referral code when creating the account.

The VPN solution

Just like other app discovery networks before, Feature Points’ offer is also based on geographic location. Thus, your list of offers may be different if you don’t live in the USA or the UK (the countries with the most apps to test). And this may hinder your chances at winning more while doing something you love.

To increase your chances and beat the system, you can use VPN software. It’s also a good idea if you feel your list is stale and you want some new challenges. So, install your VPN software, choose the country where you want to be, and then open the Feature Points app. Your list will be refreshed instantly.

Still, you should calculate your budget when it comes to VPNs. These solutions are great but they also require a monthly subscription which may exceed your income (if you’re not serious about making money via Feature Points).

Things you shouldn’t do

We discussed the main tips that you should apply while using this app, but what about the ones that are a big no-no? We consider it’s best to know them as well so you’ll have the correct information from start to finish.

So here is the list of don’ts:

  • Don’t forget about your app for more than 60 days. If you forget to log in and download at least one app in a 60-days interval, all your points will expire and you won’t be able to get them back.
  • Don’t try to send your points to a friend – the app won’t allow this. However, you can redeem a gift card you know he/she might want and send them the code. Once you use the points, it’s up to you what happens with the gift cards or money you
  • Don’t download the same app twice – you won’t get points for the second download. The app will remember every downloaded app so you can’t trick it.
  • Don’t forget to follow the instructions for each app you download. If you fail to meet the requirements, you won’t get the points.

A few final words

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of this app, we think you are prepared to start earning some points. So buckle up, install Feature Points and start browsing! You’ll be earning gift cards and money before you even know it.